Thursday, October 20, 2011

To all the baby-daddies

To the ex's, the one night stands, to the court- mandated visitors, the DNA questioners, the child support evaders, to all the baby-daddies:

I don't know if it's occurred to you, but this whole parenthood thing? It's a full time gig.
Even when your kid isn't with you- you're still a parent.

When you're at work- you're still a parent.
When you're out of town- you're still a parent.
When you have a date- you're still a parent.
When you're sleeping- you're still a parent.
When you're drunk- you're still a parent.

And when life gets hard, and believe me it gets really hard, (especially during those teen years) you don't get to check out.
If you lose your job, your girlfriend dumps you, your cat dies, your bills are piling up, you still have to get yourself out of bed every morning and make sure your child has everything he needs 
-including a feeling of being genuinely loved for exactly the person that he is right in this moment- because all of that stuff? That's adult stuff, and the last time I checked, none of that stuff was your kid's responsibility.

Love your child.
Treat him with respect.
Tell him you're proud of him.
Give him a reason to want to make you proud.
And for the love of God, don't disappoint him.
Just, be a dad. A real one.

Mama Bear


  1. THIS is the reason my parents didn't get along for 30 years. She thought that and he didn't (I think he was much better than she gave him credit for honestly) but I wasn't the parent so who knows.

    But YEAH for posting thi!

  2. Sometimes you just have to say what you need to say, no matter how scared you are to say it.


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