Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Suck it, robbers.

Remember this post where I went on & on about driving less & loving my bike so much? Yeah? Well, do you remember my post where I talked about our house being robbed? Are you connecting the dots yet? The jerks stole our bikes. The ironic part- my FAVORITE PART- of that story is how we had kept our bikes inside our house so they wouldn't get stolen. And then, our house was broken into and they stole the bikes from inside the house. I laugh every single time I tell that story. It never gets old. 

I spent about 5 minutes being really bummed out, but then I remembered the bike my grandma had given me a couple years ago. It was an old, rusty, 10 speed, with non-working brakes and only 5 speeds, a seat covered in duct-tape and generally in disrepair. That old, ugly bike is a dream come true. I slapped on a new seat, had the husband fix the brakes & convert it into a 5 speed, invested in a heavy-duty lock, added a handlebar bag and some fancy lights and BAM.

Behold my hoopty it all it's cobbled-together glory!

You better believe I am racking up the miles and bombing hills on this bad bitch all over town.

You cannot steal my joy, so SUCK IT, ROBBERS!


  1. Your entire attitude in this post just makes me smile! I'm sorry to hear your house was robbed, but it is amusing about the bikes. Just so much irony, y'know? Still, I'm happy to see all the positive attitude AND that you've still got a bike to work with.

  2. I love your attitude and grandma's bike. My ebike just got stolen. I wish I could be as funny about it as you. I'm not. I'm a poor sport.
    the Citizen Rosebud

  3. I just figure, there's no point in wallowing. The only person who is miserable is me- the people who stole every single thing that I had of any real value- they are not sad. they are joyful! I can't let them have that while I have sadness. No way.


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