Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Working Class Wednesday: Books & boats

 I think a lot of people really miss out by not taking advantage of the typically "touristy" attractions in their home town. We talk a lot about travelling and then we discover a new spot in our city that we'd never visited before. Maybe we should see all there is to see here's definitely a lot easier on our wallets.
Yesterday after we dropped the big kids off at school, Miss L & I decided we were bored, and it was way too nice to be stuck inside all day cleaning, so off we went to the library. If you've been reading for awhile you already know this is a favorite spot of ours.
Free books, free DVDs, free music, free, free, free.
After the library we took our adventure up a notch and picked up Daddy to head to Old Sacramento.
There is this cool toy store in Old Sac that has a train table for kids to play, and it's just as nice as the one in the local Railroad Museum, but we didn't have to pay to play with it.

The best part of the day, though? The beautiful waterfront views that are always, completely, totally FREE.

skipping to the library

returning our old books

my little pre-reader with a "new to her" book

Tower Bridge, Sacramento River

silly pictures

lego bear & flower in a cooool local toy store

playing at the train table with Daddy

$2 lollipop- the only money spent

Next week: Working Class Wednesday: sans kids......

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  1. free = awesome.
    libraries = even more awesome.

    that capture of her skipping to the library made me smile.


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