Thursday, September 15, 2011

My 3yr old is funnier than me.

she looks so angelic. you know what they say about looks, right?
My daughter is kinda nuts,dudes. That may or may not be a reflection of my awesome parenting.
Here's some of her most recent gems:

While sitting in the middle of a crowded chain restaurant during the lunch rush she stood up and yelled "Haters gonna haaaaaate!" thank you, Regular Show.

She told me my new name is "Miss Sassy Pants Mommy Booty-Pop" which is actually a pretty accurate description, so, kudos for that one.

Standing with her hands cupped right under her collarbone she asks me "Mommy, why do you put your boobies up like this?"         o_0

After seeing a commercial for "Toddler & Tiaras" she turns to me and, with a completely horrified look asks "Why are those Lady Gaga babies getting married??!!"

And you have not laughed until you've heard a 3yr old singing Adele's "Rollin' in the Deep".


  1. She's awesome! "haters gonna haaaate!" lol

  2. what a doll! baby lady gagas made me laugh out loud! i have a video of my 4-year old singing some adelle...and i love it!

  3. ohmyword, hahaha...haters gonna hate.
    i would love to hear a 3 year old sing Rolling in the Deep. :]

  4. She had me at Lady Gaga Babies...LOL


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