Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dear Cupcake

my former love
Dear Cupcake, 
I miss you. But like any other bad relationship, I had to cut you loose. 
It's always the same thing with us. I'm drawn in by your delicate sweetness and so I commit to you mind, body, and soul. 
But you always betray me. 
5 lbs. 10lbs. 
Where will it stop? 
Type II Diabetes? Root canal? Obesity? 
Cupcake, I love you, but we're just not right for each other. 
I've already moved on to mini cinnamon rice cakes and things are going so well, I've practically forgotten what you look like.
So please, do us both a favor and stay away.

A slightly less plump Mrs. Miscellanea


  1. Oh. That's me and my relationship with ice cream. And beer.

    Switched over to whole milk yogurt with ollaberries, and it's good and at least I get culture with it, but nothing truly replaces ice cream.

    Or beer.

    Good luck with your Cupcake Mountain ("i wish i could quit you!)

  2. it's good to stay away from temptations that seemingly start to take over one's life...heh.
    healthy exercise of the self control.

  3. thats a seriously strong statement coming from you. ;)


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