Monday, January 17, 2011

You look like somebody's mom.

Do you have one singular look that you rock whether you're going to a Parent-Teacher meeting or a night with the girls? Or do you have your "mom" look and your "you" look?
When it comes to "mom-style", I think I've seen it all:  from the frumpy, ill-fitting bag lady look, to the velvet track suit with stripper heels & fake boobs, to the nasty stained sweat pants & un-brushed hair.
I know I tend toward a sexier look in my day to day life. I admit, I like me some painted on jeans and low-cut T-shirts. The good Lord did not give me a ghetto booty & nice boobage so I could hide it in baggy pants and a hoodie, haha.

I used to have this idea that I should just look the way I want to look and people could just deal with it and if they didn't like it, they could take a walk.
But, that look is not really appropriate for family time, or volunteering at the school carnival, is it?
what do you mean, I don't look like a responsible adult?
The world, I have discovered, is all sorts of judgey.
You could be the best mom on planet earth but if you look like you raided a gothic Playboy bunny's closet, people are gonna think you're, well......a scandalous mess.
Not only is the world judgey, but apparently it runs on perception, too, not reality.
this look says "hello, I am someone's Mother" lol
So, over the years I've had to tone it down and adopt a more conservative age-appropriate look while trying not to look like somebody's granny. When I've got my "mom" hat on, I want to cover up but not look frumpy.
You already know I like to be sexy, but I guess sometimes I just have to settle for "cute".
Which is better than slutty or bag ladyish, right?

What does your "mom" wardrobe look like?


  1. I've totally gone through a full 360 with how I dress as a grown up and mom. A couple of years ago I hit a "I give up, I'm wearing sweats all the time" phase. Oh man........

    Now, I want to be the hot, stylish mom when I'm seen out. I will tone it down a bit when I'm with my kids or going to a school function, but my style is generally not slutty anyways. I want to feel pretty and I want to be noticed because I look cute, not schlumpy. So that's my goal.

    I made a deal with myself a couple of years ago.........I don't give myself "off" days unless NO ONE will see me. If I have to go in public at all or if I will see other grown ups, I make myself put on clothes and make up and make the effort to look cute.

  2. i would do the same thing if i had the curvage some ladies have!! darnit, my sister just told me the other day i have barely more than gwyneth paltrow.
    dooooooown went my self esteem.
    (just kidding! but still. :P)

    i like that "hello, i'm someone's mom" outfit! cute:)

  3. C, you always look cute and pulled together.

    Beka, one of my sisters is the opposite of "busty" but it suits her body well! And I'm actually not overly ample up top, either, they're just nice ones, haha

  4. "The world apparently is all sorts of judgey." somebody needs to embroider that on a pillow.

    Funny the way the world is, so much of is perception, which can be deceiving. I hope you still get to express yourself, even stylistically, as mom, so your kids can see your fun (not slutty) side.

  5. I go through phases... Most recently it's been jeans, tshirts & flip flops. This post has inspired me, though, to wrap back around to a more "done up" me. Still jeans (sorry, I just can't find dress slacks I like that look good on my fat ass), but dressier shirts, make up & the black heeled boots. I like the boots. I have a haughty, aggressive walk when I wear the boots. Divinely intimidating in my high(er) femme duds. :)


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