Thursday, April 1, 2010

World Autism Awareness Day

Tomorrow is "World Autism Awareness Day" and while I do not agree with all of the "Autism Speaks" organization's tactics AT ALL, I am happy that we have days like tomorrow to help spread the word about ASD/PDD, which will hopefully get people mobilized into action. As the mother of a child with PDD-NOS, it's important to me that people have a greater understanding of what we deal with day to day. 
A little bit of understanding would open up so many doors for kids like my son.
Right now there's a lot of confusion about ASD/PDD and most people think of "Rain Man" when they hear the word Autistic.  Try mentioning PDD or Asperger's, though and you'll really get some confused looks.

Please take some time and watch following video for some awesome information from Temple Grandin. 
She is AMAZING and does wonderful things in educating people who have never had experiences with Spectrum disorders, as well as educators & parents of kids with ASD/PDD.


  1. I didn't know you had a blog! Found it from your twitter page. :) My son and I both have ASD so thanks for mentioning it. I also write a blog about autism you might be interested in. Take care.

  2. I just started this blog a little while ago.
    My 4 yr old(almost 5) has a diagnosis of PDD-NOS for now because the ABA keeps telling me he's not old enough for an Asperger's diagnosis.
    Good to know somebody in the area who has experience.


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