Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break(down)

The Croxford kids are all out for Spring Break and today they decided it was a perfect day to push Mommy to the brink.
They're cute like that. Hmph.

Instead of committing infanticide, I thought a better idea would be to head on over to the craft store and see what we could find to busy these devilish little hands.
Since it's Spring and Easter is on it's way, we decided to make our own Easter buckets.

Now, we don't technically celebrate the holiday in the whole "Jesus is rad" (not that there's anything wrong with that!) kind of way but  a few colored eggs & some candy isn't going to hurt my Atheist kids.

So, we picked up some cute colored buckets for $1 and some pre-made foam stickers and got to decorating.

I set the 3 little ones up on a blanket with their supplies & let them have at it.
It was a really easy project but they had lots of fun choosing their own stickers & designs.
But most importantly, it kept them busy long enough for Mommy to drink a cup of coffee in peace.

The buckets turned out pretty darn cute and they are really proud of themselves and excited to hunt for eggs at Grammie's house on Sunday.

Keeping the kids busy & having fun doesn't have to take a ton of effort or money, it can be as easy as a bucket & some stickers :)

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