Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Healthy meals ARE Happy meals

Is everybody watching the new Jamie Oliver show?  God, I love him.
Remember the "Naked Chef"? That used to be my favorite show on the Food Network.
I love the way he has a bit of a lisp but when he gets excited or emotional the lisp goes into overdrive.
It is the cutest freaking thing ever. Oh, my husband is gonna kill me, haha!

Anywho, last Friday the kids & I were totally bored so I took them out to lunch at the Sunflower Drive In in Fair Oaks.
Smookie & Shrinky were totally hooked up with a kid's meal which included a sandwich, drink & vegan cookie, costing just $3.50 and everything was all natural and good for them.  (Not to mention the fact that Sunflower is super close to drive to and Old Town Fair Oaks is just a really cute, funky area to hang out.)
So, later Friday night while watching "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" I started thinking about the totally bogus myth that healthy food is too expensive and how people use this as an excuse to feed their kids garbage.
When it comes to eating out, all it took was a little Googling & checking around Yelp to find out that I can get my kids a healthy meal that makes them happy for $3.50 and it's not going to give them diabetes, high cholesterol, or childhood obesity like the fast food options do.  No more fast food for us!
Everybody likes to eat out on occasion, but if you just take a minute to do some research before you head out the door, you can save your family a stomach ache and eat with a clear conscious.
Do it, you'll be amazed how nice it is to eat without the guilt!


  1. I totally get ya.:)
    Ohhh, and I love Jamie Oliver, too! :D
    I'm your newest follower. Nice post to run up on at first visit. Ha!


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