Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Inspired by Sarah

I have this beautiful, amazing, posi, friend Sarah, who I had the fortune to "meet" through twitter about 4 years ago (wow, when I think about that, it's a pretty long time). Anyway, she has started doing these instagram posts that she calls "Daily Words" and it's always some amazing little chunk of wisdom, written up on a handmade chalkboard (did I tell you she's really crafty, too?).
Every day, no matter what, there it is.
So, I was inspired by Sarah to do something similar to try and up my PMA, and while I was at it, maybe up the collective PMA of my community.
I started writing cheese little inspiring quotes on the squares of the sidewalk in front of my house every morning. It makes me feel good.
I hope somebody reads them and they feel as good as I do when I write them.
Anything is possible.

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