Sunday, November 18, 2012


I joke to my husband that I am made of marshmallow. 
You can lay your head on my ample bosom, my soft swell of belly or my round ass
and be comfortably lulled to sleep.
I am a stacked 5'9, 168 lbs
and when I look in the mirror I know with certainty that I am sexy 
and I don't care if that offends the masses.
I know what people mean when they tell me that I am a beautiful person, 
they want me to know that there is more in life than physical beauty, 
but they don't even know they are blind.
I am beautiful in every sense of the word.
I don't conform to traditional standards of beauty.
I love my body in it's current state and you might think that means I have given up, 
thrown in the towel and decided to attempt to accept this milky, white, 
imperfect fat suit of a body because I just don't care about myself enough,
or can't control myself
or don't feel like I deserve to be what you think I should be.
But I am the picture of health and vitality and
I am a Goddess in a size 12.

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