Friday, November 16, 2012


I was 17 when my son was born.
I remember laying in the delivery room and listening to the volunteers talk about me like I was trash. 
But I was not trash, I was a mother. 
I had a beautiful blue eyed baby that 
I loved.

I am the mother of a 16 year old half man/half child, who is unsure of everything, and wants nothing
but the one thing his father does not know how to give.
He's so smart, smarter than he thinks he is.
He makes me laugh, 
and cry.

We are a family now with many different parts. 
We move together like a machine, working through life and even when we feel stuck, we push and push 
and eventually we get through.
Our love is a force than can
break through walls.

Today my son is 16.
I wonder to myself, how we made it to this point and I smile because 
we did what nobody thought we could,
and that is something.
He grew, and I grew, and we grew up

Happy birthday to my boy. 

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