Monday, July 30, 2012

Amusement parks are not so amusing

Saturday, I turned 33 and spent the day at 6 Flags with 4 of our kids. The husband's company picnic was held there and we thought "wow, how cool is THAT? OMG, the kids will have so much fun!" 
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. 
That foolish optimism makes you think I had never taken multiple children anywhere before, right?
Hey, give me a break here. I try to just go with things. Life is supposed to be an adventure, right? Well, 6 Flags with a 4, 7, 9, and 15 yr old was certainly interesting. Let's just say, the husband & I are really happy we decided not to take the family to Disneyland this year like we had planned. 
6 Flags was a smashing success, in that we learned that this family is not amusement park ready. 
Well, that and also because this happened:

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  1. The silver lining is that you got to learn this lesson for free! Six Flags is pricey! I first took my oldest (now 16) to Disneyland when he was 3 (along with my mom) and somehow pulled it off without a hitch. But taking them both now to Six Flags when I don't have another adult is chaos - one loves scary rides, the other is terrified of anything loud/fast and I spend the day trying to cater to both. It has to be a challenge with 4 of various ages! My boys go to Disneyland every year now (w/their dad's family (total of 2 kids, 5 adults) and they have a great time - I think the secrets in having multiple adults to help. If possible. I hope you guys make it to Disney soon, such a fun place.


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