Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gunther's: it's worth the wait.

It's not technically Summer yet, but with 90 degree weather, I think we can all agree that Sacramento has officially downgraded from 4 seasons to 2. Good bye 5 minutes of Spring, though your 70 degree days were loved. 
Hello hellacious temps.
Lucky for you & me, Sacramento has an abundance of places to cool off on a hot day, and one of the most beloved spots is Gunther's Ice Cream.

Gunther's sits in Curtis park, one of my favorite Sacramento neighborhoods.
It's such a funky little area with a great, kind of artsy vibe. 
Gunther's have been serving up their locally made (right there on the premise!) ice cream to grateful Sacramentons since the 1940's, and you can tell how much they care about both their product and their customers in just one bite.
It's really that good.
A word of advice- be ready to wait for your treat. This place is ALWAYS packed. I've never been to Gunther's and not had to wait in a line that goes out the door. Their service is (thankfully) pretty quick, but if you've got a bunch of little ones with you, I recommend sending an adult in to get your ice cream and waiting outside with the kids, unless there's a booth available inside, then just have a seat. It's gonna be worth the wait.

I got the peach ice cream the last time we were there, and it was amazing. Creamy, flavorful goodness. 
I don't have a particular flavor that I love most, since I am an equal opportunity ice cream lover. 
There are over 50 to choose from, and I'm betting they're all good.

A single scoop will run you about $2.60, and you can choose your cone. I don't like those ones that taste like Styrofoam. Go with the waffle cone. Trust me on this.

Gunther's has cakes, milkshakes, freezes, dipped cones, sundaes, floats, sandwiches, etc etc.
There's something for everyone, even the sugar or dairy free folks can find something delicious.

So, next time you're out & about and thinking of ice cream, bypass the chain and hit up the local spot.

Gunther's Ice Cream is located at 2801 Franklin, Sacramento, CA 95818

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