Friday, April 20, 2012

The Hunger Games (aka, I am late to the party as usual)

I succumbed to Instagram as well, obviously.

I finally got around to reading the 1st book in the Hunger Games trilogy. It is definitely YA reading material, but I liked it nonetheless. It's something new and even though  I don't normally read sci-fi, I'm more of a fantasy & historical lit girl, I gave this a try and it turned out to be a good bet. 

This is exactly the kind of YA I think adults should be reading and I'll tell you haters why:
They're not your over-done teeny-bopper romance, and I can read these books quickly, get some enjoyment out of them, and then pass them on to my tween & teen to read. Bam! We now have a shared interest to pour over together that we didn't have before, and how can that possibly be a bad thing?
I think of myself as pretty literary, with a particular love for very wordy 1000+ page tomes, but I don't pretend like I'm too good for a YA series. If you go around judging every book before you've even cracked the cover, just because it's YA, you're probably a judgmental douche rocket. Just sayin'.
Anyway, I liked the book and think it's a good choice for an interesting, entertaining piece of brain candy. 

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