Friday, March 9, 2012

Don't just stand there. Do something.

When you see something happening that shouldn't be, do you just stand there, or do you DO something?
I've been thinking a lot about the culture of "not my problem" that we're living in. We all love to pretend as if we're making a difference by posting some "awareness" status on Facebook, or re-tweeting a video on twitter. But when it comes right down to it- what are you really, physically DOING to help?

The sad reality is that there seems to be a serious lack of empathy these days. People are afraid of putting themselves out there (maybe even in harm's way) to help a fellow human. I don't understand this line of thinking. To me, that equates to "better you than me."

About a month ago, I was driving home from dropping the kids off at school and I noticed some guys in their late teens/early twenties in my neighbor's driveway. I had never met this neighbor, but I'd seen her several times, and I knew these guys didn't belong there.
The closer I got, the more I could see what was going down.
The guy in the driveway had broken her window with a rock.
The other guy was keeping watch.
There was a car waiting around the corner.
This was not good, and all I could think of was what it felt like to come home after our house had been robbed.
I remember how my 6yr old cried all night, and for several days after, my kids would huddle together in the same bed, too afraid to be separated.
I did not want another person to feel that violation.

So, I stopped my car, got out, started yelling, and chased the guys away.

A 32 year old mom in her jammies, with no weapon other than a stern voice.

Then, I went inside my house, called the police and went back out to see where they had gone.
At no point did I feel like I was in danger, and maybe that was because I really didn't care.
Because I wanted them to be caught.
Who knows what they were really after? It could have been a quick smash & grab, or they could have been casing her house, only to show up later & assault her.
The point is, I did something.

Daily violations occur because people look the other way.
This is not ok.
Be vigilant. Don't be afraid to report a crime.
If you see someone who needs help-HELP them.
If the situation is too dangerous to intervene- call 911.
For Pete's sake, just DO SOMETHING.


  1. It takes courage to stand up to violence and violation. Thankfully, your kids still have their mother, and these criminals weren't desperate enough to hurt you.

    I agree. For whatever reason, people don't want to get involved anymore. People aren't even comfortable enough to comment on your post?!

    We recently endured a situation with a teacher who is a bully. My 10yo son does not communicate well with what he perceives to be injustice, so was very disrespectful in response to her yelling and immaturity. He was suspended, and the other teachers and administrative staff are supporting the teacher 100%. The parents, however, are whispering that this teacher shouldn't be teaching.

    Why are they whispering to me, and not yelling to the Superintendent? Because, they don't want to go through what our family is enduring right now.

    That doesn't make it right.

    "To know what is right and not do it is the worst cowardice." Confusius

    Glad you are a powerful, protective, compassionate woman! Never change that about yourself, and know that the rest of us are grateful.

  2. Good for you! More people need to be proactive. Just a few weeks ago a heroin-addict tried to break into my Midtown cottage, I was able to chase her away and give the police a good description & pick her out in a photo line up. Turns out they knew just who she was (repeat offender) and picked her up.


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