Thursday, October 27, 2011

Random thoughts are random

Sometimes I wish I was flat-chested so I could wear those deep V-neck tees without looking slutty.

I really like that whole ombre thing that all the boho girls are doing with their hair. But isn't it funny that they pay all that money for it to look like they're growing out their dye job? Hm.

I was totally addicted to trying cupcakes form every dessert place in the greater Sacramento area, but I think I'm gonna switch it up and try the cannoli instead. People underestimate the cannoli.

This year has been rough.

I feel guilty for some unknown reason but I really want an iPhone.

I keep telling people I'm 35, even though I'm 32. I don't know why.

Parenting 4 kids is hard. If I don't get a vacation soon, I will probably have a complete psychotic break.

I finally figured out how to get/have/do what I want. It's called "just do it." I'm gonna go with that.

Somebody once told me they don't really listen to music. It's not a coincidence that I don't remember who that person was.

I really love Phantogram.



  1. After all, isn't a complete psychotic break just a vacation of a different sort?

  2. Um, are you telling me my hair might not look like crap after all?? I'll have to check out this hair trend you speak of....


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