Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Driving Rain, an open letter to Sacramento

Dear fellow Sacramentons:

Yesterday something happened. I realize that for some of you it was very confusing and frightening. 
But, I assure you there was nothing to be afraid of. 
You know that stuff that was falling from the sky? 
You will be happy to hear that it was not, in fact, shards of broken glass. 
It was merely rain! 
Rain is a watery liquid that occasionally falls from the sky. It nourishes our farmland and allows for all the things that California is known for to bloom and grow.
Rain will not hurt you. Sure, it makes the roads wet & slippery and you should drive a little slower, and leave a little more room between you and the other cars on the road. 
You don't have to hassle yourself with braking inexplicably every 15 feet, or lowering your speed limit to 11 miles per hour. But driving with your lights on is a good idea. Using your blinker when you decide to wait till the last minute to merge across 4 lanes of freeway would be smart, too. 

If, after reading this, you still think it's a good idea to drive halfway in one lane and halfway in the other while moving approximately 7 miles an hour with no lights on, please just do the rest of us a favor and stay off the dang road.

Mrs. Miscellanea


  1. Aren't you glad it doesn't SNOW in Sacramento? We'd never get ANYWHERE.

    I once was told by a woman that she believes certain people have special driver's licenses that allow them to only drive on their birthday & when it rains. Which explains the stupid drivers! And if it's NOT raining, you can just shout "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" at the bad drivers. :)

    Oh, and, also? It's actually the law in California that if your wipers are on, your headlights should be, too. You're welcome!

  2. It took an extra hour to get home yesterday ... wtf Sacramento?

  3. *laughs*
    Oh. My. Goodness.
    Sounds like it was an occasion! Wow!
    In our small town, the roads get plowed just a tiny bit, and that's only if it snows more than 2 inches.
    Yeah....we're not THAT rural.
    Hmm....I dunno. :)

  4. Driving with lights on is actually the law now, not that I ever remember. And yes, this is SO appropriate to the weather now. I am totally guilty of slowing down to 1 mile and hour in the rain, BTW. That shit is scary!


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