Friday, November 12, 2010

Things that go bump in the night

Sometime when I was a very little girl, I must have been shown the movie "Dracula", because as far back as I can remember, I have had a thing for Vampires.
When I was young, I was convinced that Dracula lived in my closet.  He was somehow invisible during the day and only came out at night. I had to sleep with my blankie wrapped around my neck so he couldn't bite me. Now I know this is silly because obviously, Vampires are not invisible during the day- they either sparkle, wear magic rings, or burn  in sunlight (unless they drink the blood of a fairy of course).
But, I digress.
This fear of Dracula kept me awake, afraid to fall asleep and let down my guard and sometimes if I awoke with a crick in my neck, my 7 yr old self was certain that I had been attacked whilst I slept.

These days it's not Vampires or any other supernatural monsters that keep me up. It's this:
sleeping, but not so soundly
My 3 yr old.  (We call her Shrinky-Doo. Because she's little like a shrinky-dink.)
Every. Single. Night. She starts out in her own bed, then ends up in ours.
My husband works nights, so 4 nights a week I should be sleeping alone. But I'm not.
Maybe she just wants to keep me company.
She says she wants to snuggle me, but what I end up with is: 
Tiny feet in my back shoving me into the wall. 
This 28lb, barely 36in person lays her claim on my Queen sized bed by taking her half straight out of the middle.
Some nights I just let her come to bed with me to begin with because the inevitability of her joining me at 2am has become crystal clear. 
And truthfully, I guess I must not mind it all that much, because I keep allowing it. 
She is my youngest child, after all, my last baby.
She has managed to stay tiny for 3+ yrs so I can go on pretending that she really is a baby still and not a preschooler already. 
But when I wake up at 6am freezing because she's stolen the blankets, and with an aching back from sleeping in the crack between the bed and the wall, it's hard to remember that these will be the memories that I will cherish long after she's grown.
Yet, every night when she knocks on the door and asks "Mommy, can I snuggle you?" I reply honestly with "I love snuggles."

I guess sometimes the good outweighs the bad.


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I loved cosleeping with my peanut! She is really small too and to me she is still a baby. We coslept until she was nine months old and now? She hates sleeping with us. I miss her laying next to me. Enjoy it!

  2. this post made me go awwwww.
    awesome mix of realness and super sweetness. :)

  3. This is so super sweet. Ian has never liked sleeping with us, he has always preferred his space.


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