Saturday, September 4, 2010

Things nobody wants to do for $500, Alex

By now I think everyone in the known Universe is aware that we moved to Sacramento.  But did you know it was going to be 103 the day we moved? Did you? And did you know that my BRAND NEW AC unit wasn't going to be installed yet? Oh, neither did I.
It was like moving inside a Volcano.

We totally won the friend lottery, though and were lucky to have our much loved friend Staples to help us move the heavy stuff. I think he's helped us move more times than any of us can count, and all we do is feed him pizza & soda in return, yet he remains our dear friend.
In addition to Staples, we had one of the most handy things ever created: a teenage son.
Here's the funny thing about teenage boys- they want you to think they are actually men, not boys. So even though they usually seem like they are lazier than a dead slug on a hot day, if you give them the opportunity to do something "manly" they'll jump right to it. And really, what's more manly than manual labor?
Oh yeah, I said that.
We put the kid to work alongside Jude & Staples and they took care of the heavy lifting in a matter of a few hours. But it was HELL. Believe me. Nobody smelled good, everyone was filthy, and the kids were begging to go to sleep by the time we finished for the day.

Oh, and remember the AC unit I mentioned earlier? 3 days went by and the handyman never showed, so Jude got to install it himself. That's something about my husband that both annoys & delights me. He is one of those people that can see something done just once and know how to do it to perfection. Show off.

Do you know what our 3 youngest kids did while we were moving? If you guessed "running around crashing into things while screaming like crazy people" you've won an 8, 5, & 3 yr old!
Oh. My. God, Becky. Moving makes kids INSANE. And also, it makes Mommy just the tiniest bit murderous. I'm not sure how they survived the last few days, especially because I don't drink or self-medicate, but they did and it seems like the obnoxiousness has started to taper off & will die down very, very soon.

I hope we don't move again for like, a million years.
I hate moving, but I love our new house.
I guess that makes it worth it.

Alright, they're kind of cute. I guess I'll keep 'em.


  1. Oh yeah, I said that.

    Haha, I fucking love you.

    Xoxo glad you like the new place!!

  2. The air conditioner thing happened to us, but it was the day after my MIL passed, I was 7 months pregnant, and we had hired movers so we had no choice but to move. I was a hot mess by the end of it. I am surprised the littles survived.

  3. I tried commenting through my phone but it apparently didnt work. just wanted to say "oh yeah, I said that" is probably my most favorite line ever.

    xoxoxo enjoy your new home!

  4. Okay...I love all this.
    And I'm thanking God for the few days of chill that just came to the county. Yesterday, today,'s supposed to be in the 80's again for another stint! Oh well:)

    I reeeaaally want to see more of this house.. :)

  5. WELCOME HOME! You should bring your crazy clan to The Pile soon, and then we can self-medicate together with cookies.

  6. LOL, oh man, that does sound like it was hell...thank gawd it's over!


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