Monday, August 30, 2010

Foot in Mouth Syndrome

In preparation for the move, we've started sorting through all of our belongings and getting rid of things we don't use or need anymore.  My husband has been going through his copious amount of random boxes and finding so many lost treasures.
Like our old Weight Watchers booklets. Which upon discovering in an old backpack, he promptly ran out into the living room and said "Honey! I found Your Weight Watchers stuff!" with a HUGE smile on his face.
Now, I have been looking for those booklets for awhile now so it took me a few minutes for this exchange to fully register:

Me: "Did you just tell me I need to go on a diet?"
Jude: "What? NO! I just found them, and they were missing, and I thought you might, uh, want them and......"
Me: "Should I have just smacked you? Because it sounds like you're telling me I'm fat."
Jude: ""
Me: "Is that a question?" *shakes head, raises eyebrow, glares at husband*
Jude: *closes mouth, backs away slowly*

I actually did have him save those booklets. Just in case. And I know he didn't mean anything by it because he never lets a day go by without telling me how much he loves me and my shapely figure.
He was just happy to have finally found those damn things that I earned while pouring time & money into that program a few years ago. He's a seasoned veteran in the war of marriage and even though he did unintentionally manage to put his size 13 feet in his mouth, he was able to recover with very little collateral damage.

The moral of this story for the young guys out there is: learn when to shut up, and back away slowly, and you might just leave a sticky situation with your manhood still intact ;)

I forgive him, because he's cute

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  1. I love your new blog layout! You found a house? YAY!! Now just to move. The other half of the stress... it's almost over :)

    I think everyone woman gets upset when a man says things like that. Not that he meant to. Most of the time they don't mean how we hear it - it's worse when it catches you off guard? Then you're like, "what?", "WTF"? LOL! hope you guys have an easy move!!


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