Sunday, September 19, 2010

There are no rules to live by

I have many faults. So do you. Own this. I am telling you, it will set you free.  
The honest to goodness truth is that we all do things that later we will look back at and think "That wasn't very cool of me". 
The problem is that most people think that and then continue to defend their actions. 
The attitude of "So what if you don't like what I did, I'm being me!" is fine. 
If you want to be stagnant. If you don't think you have any room to grow.
I guess most people fear the backlash of being wrong. Of admitting wrong-doing
What will people think of you if you show them that you are vulnerable in your absolute fallibility? 
Some people will laugh in your face. A lot will say "I told you so". 
Even more will revel in your mistakes & greedily spread news of your misdeeds like so much wildfire.
But none of that matters. You have to know this. 
You have to tell yourself that you cannot be judged by another person for being imperfect.

No person has a set of rules that you must live by.  
There is no lie that cannot be untold or sin unforgivable.

You must only be willing to admit your wrongs & forgive yourself.
The rest can either follow or be left behind. 


  1. i love this, as usual. I love all your posts. You inspire me like woah, woman! ;)

  2. It's funny........I recently had a conversation with a friend in which she judged an action of mine and laughed in my face and said "I KNEW you'd do that bad thing! I had NO FAITH IN YOU"


  3. :( You gotta let that kind of person go.....and if they grow, they can be a part of your life. there are too many wonderful people out there that want to support you & be your friend through good choices AND bad, mama.

  4. I loved that post! Each day I strive to be a better wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend.


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