Monday, September 13, 2010

Pepper Fluffykins McCheese.

After that last post, I thought I'd blog about something a little less deep, and really what is more fluffy than a kitten?

The Croxford house was not full enough, so we decided to add a baby girl to the mix. Ladies & gentlemen, let me introduce little Miss Pepper Fluffykins McCheese, or just Pepper for short.

She's a sweet little Pixie-bob kitten given to Shrinky for her birthday by her grandma & papa. We let the kids help name her, which should explain why she has 57 names.
(side-note: Shrinky calls her "Pepé Cheese" since she can't pronounce the  "R" sound very well. So cute. Squeeee!) 

Did you know that Pixie-bobs don't really meow? They make these weird little chirp sounds.  It's completely adorable.

Jude was totally against getting a cat but he'll pretty much do whatever Shrinky wants & I told him she really wanted a kitten, so you know- what his baby wants, his baby gets. The funny thing is that Pepper LOVES Jude and follows him around like a little shadow. Last night they were even having a cuddle in his chair together & she crawled up onto his shoulder & nuzzled into his neck. I thought I was going to DIE of cuteness.
Welcome to your forever family, little Pepper. We love you <3

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