Thursday, September 23, 2010

Flashback Friday: 1,2,3 Happy Birthday to my Baby

Shrinky, age 5 months

I wrote this little poem for all of my children, but just for today I dedicate it to my daughter.
Happy 3rd birthday, my sweet girl.

Before you

There were nights to sleep in uninterrupted bliss
And no boogey-men to dispel of
No wet sheets to change hurriedly
or emergency midnight baths
I had no crayon drawings for my fridge
Or paper bag puppets
No sand in my shoes
Or snot on my sleeve
I had friends and fun
and you were not there
to ask me questions and interrupt
private conversations with silly dances
and made up jokes that nobody understood
there was no “Mama, can I?”
there was no mama at all
before you.

My goofy, smart, sweet, crazy, beautiful, amazing girl, age 3


  1. "My goofy, smart, sweet, crazy, beautiful, amazing girl"

    Hmmmmm. Just like mommy.

  2. what a sweet flashback! the poem is adorable! happy birthday to your little doll! :)

  3. all together now....



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