Sunday, August 1, 2010

Breakfast hoedown

For the longest time, every Saturday without fail, my husband has made us pancakes. The kids LOVE pancakes. They get so excited when they see their plates and then they gobble up their pancakes like they're going out of style. That's great, I love to see them enjoying food, but I HATE pancakes.
It has gotten to the point that if I have to eat another pancake, I might seriously run away.
Which is exactly why it's a good idea to have something different in your breakfast arsenal.
Because you don't really want your family members to run screaming from the house.
Luckily, my husband Jude is a smart guy who figured out a way to keep the kids happy and me from fleeing the breakfast table.
Johnny cakes are made with corn meal and similar enough to a pancake for the kids to not shy away, but different enough to please a bored palette. They don't seem as heavy as a pancake, and the texture is SO. GOOD.
I like to eat mine with butter & honey but you can put anything you'd put on a pancake (syrup, berries, whipped cream, etc) & it'd work out deliciously :)
The recipe Jude used comes from the Martha White website which he tweaked just a bit to make his own.
Johnny cakes are really simple to make, just like a pancake is, but they're more fun because you can call them Hoecakes.  Who doesn't like saying Hoecake? I mean seriously, for that reason alone they are a total WIN.


  1. Mmm,I love pancakes, and I love stuff made with corn I'm gonna have to try those! Thanks for posting, hadn't heard of hoecakes before this :)

  2. Mmmm, wow. That looks good!


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