Friday, April 23, 2010

Give me cookies or give me death!

The Cookie Company, located at 710 Main St, Woodland, CA has HANDS DOWN the best cookies in the Universe (aside from mine, this is one thing I can brag about in good conscience). I usually hate store bought cookies. They are nasty and taste like chemicals and are made with Maude knows what.

But not these cookies. These cookies are baked fresh every morning by people who love what they do.
This place has been around for as long as I can remember.  
My mom used to go to the Cookie Company once a month on a Wednesday to buy the frosted sugar cookies for my sister, brother & I, and whenever we were having some kind of special day she'd take us there & buy us our favorite cookie. Mine was always the Chocolate Crackle. Oh my god, you have not eaten a cookie until you've tried one of those!

Recently, I had been visiting some folks in Woodland and as I was heading down Main Street on my way to the freeway, I spotted the sign and pulled over on a whim.  It had been years since I'd been in there but I HAD to go.  It was pretty much the same as I remembered it: clean, friendly with a  nice display of their cookies and a couple of tables inside.

Shrinky was with me & with her help we bought 6 cookies for $1.10 each- plus it was buy 6 get one FREE, (yay! we love FREE!) so we were able to take some home to the boys.

I had a Rascal: peanut butter dough mixed with chocolate dough baked together to create what I can only assume Heaven tastes like.  Look at that cookie. I know you want a bite. Sorry, that baby is long gone! 

Shrinky enjoyed her Oatmeal Raisin cookie while sitting on the cute little bench perched just in front of the store.
The Cookie Company is well worth the drive to Woodland from anywhere in the Greater Sacramento area.
They do have a few other locations but be sure to stop into this one. 
Main Street, Woodland is a nice place to take a stroll while eating a giant snickerdoodle. 

You can enjoy the site of the beautiful Historic Opera House and peruse the many Antique shops or an of the other locally owned small businesses that are once again nestled along Woodland's one-time main thoroughfare. 

Give them a try!


  1. Goodness, that looks amazing!!!

  2. it was, I am in love with these cookies <3

  3. These are quite the treats. They bake enough for each day so get there early to have the biggest selection. I've seen them closed by 11:30am when they've had a particularly busy day.

  4. Miguel, I almost stopped by yesterday to say hi, but i wasn't sure if anyone was home, I'll have to call next time I come to town :)


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