Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Working Class Wednesday: On your feet

I had a completely different post planned for the day, but my camera cord seems to have run off to who knows where. So, instead you get to see some of my favorite shoes. 
You'll notice they're all flats. There's a couple reasons for that: 
1) I'm 5'9 and 2) I broke my foot a few years ago and have had issues with shoes ever since. 

I kind of hate spending money, even when we have a lot of it. Which, I guess makes it easier for me to be comfortable living on less money than the average person. 
Anyway, unless you're a total brand-whore, which I'm not and will never be, I don't see why you'd have to spend in the double & triple digits. 
I *am* a woman who likes cute things, though, so I'm pretty good at scoping out the deals.

The best time to shop is right as the stores begin to push the new Season out.
Retail Seasons do not coincide with actual Seasons. Right now you're seeing Fall styles enter stores, but we're still having triple digit temps. So, Summer styles are going to be on Clearance even though it's still technically Summer. And even if by some chance the weather does change & you don't get any use out of the clothes this year, you can always stash them away for next year. 
You'll save SO MUCH MONEY. 
The trick here is to buy items that are pretty classic, so that next year (and in years to come), they won't be totally out of style.

I don't know about you, but I love knowing that I paid a tiny percentage of what somebody else paid to have the exact same thing just a little earlier than me.
Remember: Sales are your friends :)

Old Navy $12

Thrift store $3
Old Navy $4

Target $9

Marshalls $12


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