Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kids can be so creepy

When my 8yr old was between 3-5 he had an imaginary friend that he called "Shadow Friend".
They played outside together, built Lego towers, watched TV, took naps. Shadow Friend was a common guest at our dinner table. It was adorable.
I know it's perfectly normal for kids to have imaginary friends. I have 4 kids, the oldest is a teenager, so this isn't my first time at the rodeo, and I've seen a lot of weird kid stuff in my day.

So, when my 3 yr old, Miss L, started talking about a friend none of us could see, I thought it was cute.
Just like her big brother, Miss L started doing everything with her imaginary friend.
They play tea party, they dress-up, she even argues with her and sometimes refuses to play with her, but most mornings they watch "The Cat in the Hat" together, and again, I though it was adorable.

That is, I did think it was adorable, until I asked Miss L what her new imaginary friend's name is, then........
It got weird.
Samara. My daughter's imaginary friend's name is Samara. 
Leave it to my kid to come up with the creepiest name for her invisible friend. 

Guess what the only genre of movies Mommy doesn't watch is? Horror. 
And guess which kind she hates the most? The kind with the creepy kids.
And what is the name of the creepiest little girl in all of Horror?
You got it. Samara from "The Ring".

Now I wish she'd just play with her brother.


  1. I love horror movies and that's still creepy. Especially that picture. I keep waiting for it to jump.


  2. Wowza.
    That's......um....just interesting!
    I don't watch horror either.
    But that name sounds like something from one.
    Ay yi yi.


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