Monday, November 22, 2010

Are you thankful?

The past week has been hard. Between pulling my 5yr old out of school and dealing with my 3yr old's absolute refusal to wear any clothing EVER, and then a dash of attitude from a teenager who really needs to do his damn homework and TURN IT IN (why do they do their homework and not turn it in? Someone please explain this to me.) along with the mounting stress coming in my direction via the Holidays, even though this is bound to be the most stress-free year we've ever had, it's still difficult to plan festivities around crazy work schedules and 4 different families due to my ex, and the husband's ex's, and my divorced parents and the husband's divorced's enough to drive me crazy.

But I'm not letting things get to me this year. I guess I could sit here and mope and whine about the little things in my day to day life that don't go my way. But why? What purpose does that serve?
There is a little meme going around Facebook, where every day in November you are supposed to say one thing you are thankful for. Some people really hate this. I like it. 
It forces me to put my life in perspective: 

You see, there were years when life truly was almost unbearable, where I spent night after night crying, wondering how I could escape, or talking myself into just making it through the day in hopes of a better tomorrow. 
I spent some days feeling so beat down that I could not bring myself to get out of bed. I lived in fear for myself and for my children. I thought I deserved to live that way. I thought I'd never feel happy or safe.
My better tomorrow did not come for years, but what matters is that it did come, eventually.

So, when I say that the silly Facebook meme helps me to put my life into perspective, I really mean it. 
There are going to be days when everything is harder than the day before, when it feels like everybody is out to place obstacles in the path of your life. 
Nobody said it would be easy, but this life is all we've got, and I'm going to spend the rest of mine trying to be be grateful for what I have, and especially for the parts that were hard-won.


  1. <3 this post.
    i just love how you're so dang real.

  2. amen sister. My friend does the 3 things im grateful for thing and I try and partake because no matter how shitty it is there is a small light and sometimes I forget that. she says how while you can obsess about the bad why not focus on the good things a little. Sounds so simple but it is harder in practice it seems. Especially since I am SUCH a focus on negative person.

  3. laughing with you not at you! I have that kid who completes but doesn't turn in his homework. and a poor neighbor had that same nudie kid. (btw, the solution was nude inside but clothing outside. it worked until she walked in my door and started shedding!)

    I am grateful for friends like you who help remind me that I am not the only person not living the perfect little life full of sunshine and ponies!

  4. I know how you feel! I'm in the midst of my 'tomorrow' and it's wonderful.


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