Monday, October 4, 2010

File under: Things I do when left to my own devices

my favorite headstone
Maybe by now you've gotten the drift that I am not your average girl.  I do things for fun that might make other girls cringe.

Camping with no running water, for example.
Doing the dishes by hand.
Or taking photos of scary insects and looking up strange diseases that plagued the people of the 1800's.
You know, fun stuff.

So, it really shouldn't surprise you that when I was gifted a few hours to spend alone (see: no children) I chose not to spend my time getting my hair done or shopping, but to spend it wandering around the Old City Cemetery.
In the evening. Alone. For over an hour.

You know what's nice about the cemetery? (Aside from the  historical significance, beautifully crafted monuments and slightly creepy feeling of voyeurism.....) 
It is QUIET. Obviously.  The Old City Cemetery has tons of benches & even some randomly placed picnic tables and if I'd have known that ahead of time I would have packed some food, brought a book and spent more than an hour there.  In fact, I envision future cemetery picnic-style date nights with the husband.

On a strangeness scale of 1-10, I figure this ups my score to somewhere around 57 but you know what?
I don't care.
We can't all be mall-rats.


  1. Walking too deep there scares the bejeezus out of me during the day, even. I love it...but usually love it from a distance. Where there are people who can see me if dead people decide to try to eat my brains.

  2. True story: I forgot to eat lunch that day and it was SO hot out, I thought I was going to pass out and be laying in the back of the cemetery for 3 days till some tourist found me.
    Next time I'll bring water.

  3. Nope, we canNOT all be mall rats. Thank goodness.

    Gosh, I love that headstone!!


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