Thursday, August 5, 2010

Eat your cheese & carrots!

I have a hard time getting my kids to eat carrots. It baffles me, because out of all the veggies, carrots are so yummy & naturally sweet. 
Today I came up with a really simple, fast way to sneak some carrots into one of the kid's favorite foods:
Shredded Carrot & Turkey Quesadillas
All you need are two flour tortillas (wheat would make an even heartier version!), your favorite reduced fat shredded cheese with a shredded carrot mixed in, and thinly sliced turkey.
Slap it all together & cook on your griddle until cheese has melted (no oil necessary beyond a light spray of Pam or something similar).
Two of my kids didn't even notice there was anything different about their lunch, and the one who did notice said it was "the best quesadilla ever, Mommy!".

I know that hiding veggies isn't the optimum in getting kids to learn to try new things, but they do say that it takes several times for a child to like a new food. So why not hide it if you have a particularly picky eater?
Then after they've eaten the new food a few times you can start offering it alone, reminding them how much they liked it in other dishes. It could work! Try it!

These are my favorite kinds of tricks-
ones that require almost no extra effort,
add essential vitamins, and
<-----see that little smile?
Everybody's happy :)


  1. Okay. You know what? That looks really good--and I never would've thought about it. Sheesh.
    I mean, with my love for cheese, how is that possible?? ;)
    Our family eats veggies pretty easy though thank goodness.

  2. Funny, yesterday I made quesadillas with finely chopped red bell gobbled them up, none the wiser. My oldest will try new foods, and will eat some veggies, but my little one, not so much...and I'll be damned if I become one of those moms who makes 20 different things for dinner because of picky eaters!! So I agree with you, when all else fails, HIDE IT!! ;-)


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