Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Summer Goals & To-do List

I think now that Summer has finally rolled around and the kids are all out of school, I will take a some "me time" to knock some of these things off my list:

1) More crafting.  I have way more free time now, than I did 2 years ago.  
Time to busy myself making more things like this:

(little sailboat themed hair-band made by me 2yrs ago)

2) Teach myself to dive.  Yes, I am turning 31 next month and I don't know how to dive.
I have always been a little afraid of being fully submerged in water but not anymore!

(those are my super white legs. I'm not going to look like leather as an old lady)

3) Learn to make the perfect pie crust.  I need to do this during the Summer so by the time the Holidays roll around, I will have honed my skills :)

(that is a pre-made crust. boooo for me)

4) Not cut my hair.  This is more of a "don't than a "to-do" and all of you that are reading this who know me in real life are probably saying to yourselves "Fat chance, Casey!". But I am making this a goal, dang it! 
I WILL NOT CUT MY HAIR (other than a trim)

(I am 3 in this pic which is probably the last time my hair was long)

5) Bike the American River Parkway. I mean, it's right next to me.  I should take advantage of that.

(my cool hand-me-down bike. Thanks Grandma!)

6) Get over it.  And by it, I mean me.  I don't have to be perfect. I'm not perfect. You're not perfect. 
Nobody is. I'm me. And that is just fine. More than fine. In fact, I'd say it's pretty amazing.

(yep, there I am, in all my imperfect perfection!)

What are your Summer goals and to-do lists?


  1. Hmm. This is a good question.
    1. Limit/schedule myself for computer time.
    2. Keep up with the evening walks with my sister
    3. Get the job at the local coffee shop a few blocks away. Crazy that I haven't pursued it yet, I know, but with 8 family members and painting and music sometimes and cleaning and....well. I have a bunch of excuses:) But I'm going to get on that.
    The rest unnamed and out of my mind right now? Well...I'll work on that:)

  2. And yes.
    Me is just fine.
    You are just fine:)

  3. You should definitely work at the coffee shop! You will probably get a discount, which helps fuel your addiction, hehehe :)

  4. Mine is to be all about my daughter this summer. She's about to turn 10 in October and I'm really trying to get closer to her and talk about stuff more since I plan on doing the "girl talk" around her birthday. That and to get to know her friends, since she's going to be moving school systems I want her to keep her friends at her school from last year. She shouldn't loose her friends just because they don't go to the same school anymore!

    That's my main goal this summer (and the rest of the year) - making her feel comfortable changing schools and give her a positive self/body image!


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