Sunday, June 6, 2010

Method to their Madness

On Friday the kids were so completely insane that I was practically foaming at the mouth by the time evening rolled around.  I really needed a Mommy break, and luckily there is a bonus to having a teenager: free babysitting.
The husband & I decided to check out the Friday night Concert in the Park just to get out of the house.
We had no idea that there would actually be an awesome band playing, so that was a total bonus.

Method Echo is a 5 piece funk/pop band hailing from right here in Sacramento.
They give off a Jamiroquai mixed with a dash of Maroon 5 vibe.  My husband tells me the bass player is awesome. I know nothing about these things, all I know is that I like it.  They have amazing stage presence & totally engage their audience.

What is most impressive is the way they managed to perform their songs professionally, even though there was a 60 yr old man wearing a Hawaiian shirt, necktie, and bell-bottoms, doing some kind of dance that was a cross between the "Lord of the Dance" and what I call the "boogie".
You know the dance, your dad does it at weddings.
I was laughing so hard at this guy that my eyes started to water. So I give these guys, especially the charismatic singer, major kudos for not completely losing their composure.

If we had been in a club instead of the park, I probably would have been dancing, too.
This band definitely has the groove to make your booty move.
I love their sound, I find it really refreshing.  I'm so sick of the same old thing, aren't you?

If you're local, give these guys some support by checking out their next show & picking up their New EP.
Follow them on Twitter or give them a listen on Myspace.
I promise, if you have a soul (and I mean that in every sense of the word) you'll love them.


  1. Sounds pretty snazzy!
    What a lovely night out with the hubby...after such a brain-rejuvenating day;)

  2. Awesome, I'll keep an ear out for them. I can remember when I used to see Cake at the first concerts in the park.

  3. Awesome you got to go out with the hubs! Can't wait for my 10 year old to start watching my 3 year old in 4 years or so! PAR-TAY!! :)


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