Thursday, April 8, 2010

Breakfast of Champions

I've never been big on breakfast. Growing up, that meal usually consisted of over-cooked scrambled eggs drenched in ketchup, greasy bacon, and those awful frozen hash brown potatoes. Blech.
So, obviously I didn't have a great representation on how good breakfast could be.
Since having kids, I have found out how important a good start to the day really is.
I cannot send my kids to school with a sugar-heavy "granola" bar in good conscious.
Within an hour or two, they'd crash from the sugar high and be starving and tired.
So, I try to send them off with something a little more nutritious than just a bowl of cereal.

Today, we had homemade Banana Bread & scrambled eggs with sauteed garlic & zucchini, topped with salsa.
It was simple & delicious and the kids ate every bite.

Now, I don't want to get all preachy about what I think kids should be allowed to eat & drink, but come on, folks.  You can't feed your kid a Pop Tart for breakfast & a Fruit Gusher for snack every day and be surprised when he ends up with 9 cavities and diabetes.
Kids can be picky, I know. My 2nd youngest has PDD-NOS and is very particular when it comes to what and how he eats, so I totally understand how hard it is to get kids to try new things......especially green, healthy things. But that is why it's SO important to start when they're young, when they first begin to grab for food off your plate, shove the beets in their direction instead of the mashed potatoes.
Don't get me wrong- a treat every now & then isn't going to kill anyone, but doesn't it make that treat more exciting when it's reserved for special occasions?
Even I, the completely pastry obsessed, know that you can't eat a cupcake every day and not pay the consequences.

Ok, now that I've ranted a bit, I'd love to hear from you.
I've altered my banana bread to contain less sugar & oil than the original recipe but I'd like to see your tried & true healthy version.
So please, send in your recipes! You can click the "Contact Me" link at the top of the page or simply post it in a comment below.


  1. At that time of the morning, it's easy to do cold cereal or oatmeal and a banana. In our house,we could liven up our breakfast menu. nice work on sneaking in the veggies.

  2. Oatmeal + banana = my fave breakfast! Yum :)


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