Sunday, February 7, 2010

Getting Started

My husband Jude & I have been talking for some time now about getting in better shape & eating a healthier diet.  We have this discussion all the time while doing things like eating homemade chocolate cake or pumpkin cookies, for example.
Neither one of us are in terrible shape but hey, we could all use a little improvement, right?
Not to mention that between the two of us we have 6 beautiful children ranging in ages from 2-13 years, and I'd really like to set an example of healthy living for them.
Plus, I want to live a LONG time because I am convinced that I will one day be the World's Best Grandma.
Yes, I know I'm only 30 but it's good to plan ahead!

Well, anyway, anytime Jude & I have a goal to meet, the only way we are able to stick with it till the end is through a good old Competition.
Last year was the "Great Hair War of 2009" in which we competed to see who could grow their hair the longest and maintain it.  I spent the entire year successfully growing my hair out from a super short pixie to a shoulder length bob, until Jude decided to cut his crazy, curly mane, then I promptly reverted back to my usual pixie self.
But the point is- it worked.
Competition works.
So we thought we'd take the same approach with diet & exercise.
Jude will be maintaining his own blog, which I'll link here and vice/versa.
We'll post healthy recipes, tips, personal anecdotes & musings during this journey.
Oh and pictures. There will be a lot of pictures.

Of course, there's always the chance I'll go off in a totally different direction at some point, but I guess you'll just have to keep reading to find out, won't you?
Stay tuned!


  1. Casey,

    Seriously you look like a hottie. According to Jillian Michaels the "Biggest Loser" trainer you are of perfect height/weight proportion. I follow her website and she says for a 5'9 female your ideal weight should be between 150-165. So if the weight you posted is accurate you are good to go :)

    Blogging about healthy eating and exercising are awesome though so keep it up.

    Hey where's Jude's before pics lol

  2. here's Jude:

    Thanks, Em! I'd like to drop about 10 lbs but really tone up. No more jiggling! lol


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